Arcade Stick Parts

What parts does an Arcade stick has?

An arcade stick typically have the following parts

  • Joystick: A Joystick is the stick or lever which provides directional control in a video game similar to a d-pad on a game controller.
  • Push buttons: Push Buttons or Buttons are to activate some "action" (Jump, fire, round house) or to be used for Menu/system navigation (Start, Select, home)
  • printed circuit board or PCB, also known as an encoder. The brains of the stick, which turns human input into meaningful data for the game.
  • a case which usually includes a top and a bottom panel.
  • wiring
  • a system cord. On modern stick this is usually a USB cord

Style of Parts

There are several style of parts in a large range, usually categorized by the region they are were most put to use the most.