Other Joysticks

Paewang Revolution

(PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on same PCB) $55
White Plastic Stick.Valued more for the PCB than the rest of the Stick. eTokki does offer the PCB separately.
Quality: Not that great but not terrible plastic case, knock off buttons and Stick.
Reliability: PCB is good, Rest of the parts are not worth hanging on too.
Ease of Mod: 3 maybe 4 as buttons are solders to a PCB, bust since this is not the main pcb, this board can be ditched for direct wiring.

Hit Box

Quality: Very good. Same as High Quality Customs. Powder coated Metal case.
Reliability: Hit Box uses Sanwa push buttons and a toodles toodles (PS3 version) board
Xbox 360 variants are in Development
Ease of Mods: Difficulty 1. Use of Very standard parts, modding should be easy.