What is an Arcade Stick? Faq

What is an arcade stick?

An arcade stick is a particular style gaming controller. Styled like the typical control panel found on arcade cabinets
An arcade stick can refer to the whole controller, an arcade cabinet panel or sometimes just the joystick

Why do you call it a Arcade Stick instead of a Fight Stick

Arcade Stick is the correct term for the style of controller. Fight Stick is a trade mark of Mad Catz, Fighting Stick is a trade mark of Hori.
Every time someone uses the term Fight Stick, the person comes off as a ignorant newbie or some one who referring to a particular type of wooden martial arts weapons.
Seriously, do not use the term fight stick if you want to be taken seriously. Dark Sakul will flame you for doing so on various forums.

Why use a Arcade Stick?

Some players who grew up with arcades and played on arcade cabinets play on an arcade stick for nostalgia but also they are familiar and conformable with the controller.
Others play on arcade sticks because it is more comfortable or they have better execution/performance in game play

What Arcade sticks are available to buy?

See Arcade Stick Retail Listing

What is the correct way to hold an Arcade stick?

Please ignore people on the internet who claim you need some obscure and complex grip for a arcade stick.
The best way to hold a arcade stick is what ever way is the most comfortable with you.
Just hold on to the joystick top how ever it feels natural to you and move the stick around. Is it comfortable? Then use it, if not change you grip and try again.

Will my game play get better with a stick?

Not automatically. You use different muscles and joints on a game pad as you would with a Arcade stick.
It will take some practice before you get used to the different controls. Depending who you ask or individual results, this will be from a few hours to 2 weeks.
Remember it will take practice.

WTF?! This stick must be broken, I can't execute this one move.

Loser talk. Until you have practice, do not blame the controller or outside factors for your game execution of various movies in games.

How many buttons/ joysticks does an Arcade stick supposed to have?

As many or as few as needed. Typically modern arcade sticks have 6 to 8 buttons and 1 Joystick.
Some specialized or older style arcade sticks have 1 to 3 buttons.
Stick-less arcade controllers (i.e. Hitbox) instead of having a joystick will have 3 to 4 buttons for each direction of Up, Down, Left and Right, Diagonals are activated by pressing a combination of 2 buttons.
Twin or dual stick controllers will have 2 joysticks and ether no buttons or triggers and a top button on the joystick. (I.E. Virtual-On Twin stick)