X-Arcade series (PC/PS2) Requires adapters for PS3 and Xbox 360 play

X-Arcade Tankstick + Trackball $199.95
2 Player Stick with a track ball in the middle.

X-Arcade Dual Joystick $129.99
2 Player Stick

X-Arcade Solo Joystick $99.95
1 Player stick.

Quality: Wooden case is very sturdy. Although many complain on the quality of buttons and joysticks used. Used bad clones of Happ Parts.
Reliability: No reports I seen for the PCB, main complain I saw was the low quality for the Joystick and buttons. Terrible Adapter system. Skip the adapters.
Ease of Mod: Difficulty 2 on non-track ball models. No data for the track ball model X-arcade stick.

Note: Don't bet too much on X-arcade's brand of adapters. Check out the Converter Compatibility thread
Note 2 : X-arcade has a Crappy layout with the 2 extra lower end buttons.